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Transport and Logistics

TWF is ready to make equity investments for Türkiye to become a regional logistics base in the long term and evaluates potential synergies between its portfolio assets.

Sector Share
Turkish Maritime Organization

Company Title: Türkiye Denizcilik İşletmeleri A.Ş.

Establishment: 1843

No. of Employees: 167

No.of Ports Operated: 8

Turkish Airlines

Company Title: Türk Hava Yolları AŞ

Establishment: 1933

No. of Employees: 26,739

Seats Offered: 94.7 million

No. of Passengers: 75.2 million

Kilometres Flown: 863 million

Total Flown Hours: 1.2 million

Fleet size: 332 aircraft

*The 3rd largest airline in Europe (by the number of passengers). 

PTT (National Postal & Logistics Company)

Company Title: Posta ve Telgraf Teşkilatı AŞ

Establishment: 1840

No. of Employees: 42,000

Turnover (2017): TRY 3.4 billion

No. of Branches: 5,000

İzmir Alsancak Port

Company Title: TCDD İzmir Liman İşletmesi

Establishment: 1875

TEU (Container Capacity Of 20 Feet): 610,908

Dry Load Capacity: 549,000

Depth: 11 metres

Monthly volume: 480,000 TEU